Learning a new language - Chinese (Mandarin)

Pinyin & Bo-Po-Mo
"We also have the Pinyin & Bo-Po-Mo class for the more advanced learners.

Learn from pictures
"For every vocabulary that we teach, we have a picture flash card to help learners understand the meaning easier. We also provide a picture list for learners to review."

Traditional & simplified Chinese
"From our Chiese class, learners will learn both traditional and simplified Chinese words, they are similar, and even more than 70% are the same..."


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Who is learnig Chinese?

In United States, many Chinese parents like their children to come to our Chinese class, and even more and more non Chinese parents also like their children to come to our Chinese class. According to the latest report, Chinese is now the second big language on the internet, in the world, there are 550 million people use English on the internet, 450 million people use Chinese and 170 million people use Spanish. As the use Chinese population grows so fast, more and more people are interested in learning Chinese.

Learn with flash cards

- by Wendy Kuo

Learn 1 Chinese song and dance every month